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Aliexpress Haul and site Review

Many of you must have already heard about the site called Aliexpress but for those who have no idea what Aliexpress is all about, Aliexpress is a Chinese site which is very similar in concept to eBay. It has a variety of products ranging from clothing, electronics, jewelry to makeup, but yes the makeup they sell is fake! I heard about the site from a friend and just want to scroll through the site. I got hooked on the site and got curious to order few products. The cosmetic products available on the site are 100% fake but I still wanted to try some as they were really cheap. I just wanted to order and see what exactly Aliexpress is all about.


Its been more than 2 months since I made the order on the website but unfortunately, the sellers on Aliexpress takes a long time in shipping the items. I still haven’t received all the ordered products. I am not very pleased with the quality of the products received but as I didn’t pay much, it is fine with me.  Aliexpress has a huge number of products which sometimes can be overwhelming but if you search properly you can get a fake/copy of almost every makeup product you desire at a cost which is way too less than the original one.

But does that mean we should buy fake products? No! Fake products are a complete no-no as they can ruin your skin especially because we do know what exact ingredients are present in the making of the product. I am completely against the use of fake products but as I was curious about the site and wasn’t able to think about any other product, I ordered makeup. Huh….

Let’s see what all I ordered from Aliexpress!

The first thing that caught my attention was makeup sponges and I really went overboard while ordering them. I ordered a bunch of makeup sponges which although do look like beauty blender but are zero in comparison to normal branded makeup sponges, forget the actual beauty blender. I have tried the black one and it works super badly. Totally disappointed with these. Price: These sponges ranged from $0.37-$0.67

Random makeup sponge

The other type of makeup sponge that I ordered came with a handle. The product seems practical to me and cute too. This makeup sponge was priced $0.80.

makeup sponge with handle

Another product that caught my attention immediately was a blush palette. It was a 15 color blush palette which had all the shades ranging from pinks to reds to coral. Doesn’t the palette look beautiful in the picture?


But unfortunately, like every other palette I order, this one too came broken :-(. I don’t know why but I always get broken blush palettes. I have tried 5 different times from different sites and I always get a broken palette.

Random makeup sponge

It wasn’t a cheap palette and I was a fool to spend my money on this but as the palette was partially broken, the seller agreed to refund $5. Actual price: $15.9


I wanted to order some liquid lipsticks as they are usually the pricey ones and when I saw this fake Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick I ordered one. The shade I ordered is called carina and it’s a beautiful coral pink. I knew that the quality won’t be as good as the original one but the actual quality was way pathetic. I just used it once that too may be for 10 minutes and it was awful. The product patched on my lips like hell and it was flaky. I immediately threw the product. What a waste of money. This lipstick cost me $2.66

Limecrime Velvitines

Another brand of liquid lipsticks that I ordered was Lime Crime and I ordered their famous Velvetines. I ordered 5 of these (Reviewed in Detail HERE). The shades I ordered were: Utopia, Riot, Suedeber, Pumpkin, and Bleached. I personally do not own a real Lime crime velvetine lipstick but thankfully these were great. I have tried them multiple times and they almost stayed all day long, did not dry my lips not did they flake. My lips did feel a little dry initially, but after some time everything was fine. This is one of the best buys I did on Aliexpress. One velvetine costs $1.99 on Aliexpress.

Limecrime Velvitines
From L to R: Utopia, Riot, Suedeber, Pumpkin, and Bleached

I wanted to try some blushes too, yes I know that I ordered a 15 color blush palette, but I wanted to try something in a cream formulation. I always wanted to try the ‘ ‘ from The balm but I somehow never ordered it. But when I saw it here on Aliexpress I ordered it. The palette cost me $8.96 which was pretty reasonable even if it was a fake product. I haven’t received this product yet, but I am eagerly waiting to try on the product.
The Balm How Bout them Apples cheek and lip cream palette

Continuing with the cream products, I also ordered the contour cream kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Though not real, the quality seems pretty good. I haven’t played around with this much but when I’ll have enough to write about it I might write a complete blog post about this palette.

Anastasia contour cream kit aliexpress

Anastasia contour cream kit aliexpress

The next thing that I ordered from the site was again from the brand ‘The balm’ and it was their famous Nude Tude palette. I just got this in my email and so all I got a chance was to swatch them. Personally my first impression for the shadows is not good. Though they are beautiful colors but the pigmentation sucks. I’ll have to see how it works on the eyes. This palette is priced $5.21 (cheap! Isn’t it).

The Balm Nude Tude palette

Another attractive deal that caught my eye was a set of 12 lip liners which the company calls waterproof. The set of these 12 lip liners was only for about $2.99 which is just around Rs 200 (for 12 shades) which was a great bargain for me. I do not own many lip liners and I wanted to try some new colors without spending much. This set gave me many options to try.

lip pencil

Another great bargain that I thought that I got was a set of 10 liquid lip colors from a local brand. This was not something new for me as I have used many you tubers using these liquid lipsticks calling them ‘$1 lipstick from eBay’, and some of them really liked these. I knew that I am ordering this the first time I saw them. These liquid lipsticks were present individually too, but they were pricey as compared to the ones that come in the set form, so I decided to get the whole set, which cost me just $7 for 10 beautiful shades.

aliexpress liquid lipstick

I also ordered some random stuff from the site which includes some multicolored seeds which I thought that my mother would love. The two variants I ordered were: Rainbow Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds and Rare Holland Rainbow Rose seed Flowers. We haven’t used the seeds yet as we are not sure about what temperature would suit these flowers but my mom is pretty sure that they would rarely survive in such high temperatures. 

Aliexpress Haul and site Review

Finally, I ordered two more blushes only because of their packaging. I know that it is not a reasonable thing to do but they were prices $2.81 each and I thought that I can spend this much for this packaging. Thankfully both the colors that I ordered were beautiful and pretty pigmented too. Both the colors have minute size particles which look pretty on the skin.

Aliexpress Haul and site Review

With my orders, I also received the product which I guess is a concealer or maybe a highlighter (I am not exactly sure), a frosty pink colored one, which was not a part of my order. I am really not sure about why did I receive it, but as it was a freebie, I didn’t mind 🙂

Aliexpress Haul and site Review

This completes everything I got from It’s a lot of things but as the majority of them were not very pricey, my overall bill wasn’t too high! I got free shipping too!!!

If asked, whether I am impressed by the products or the site, then I would say No! Some products were good and some were pathetic aitits been so long and I still haven’t received all the things that I ordered. I would not recommend this site, not at least for cosmetics, until you want to buy some extremely affordable products or want to own some branded products for your vanity, without them being necessarily original. I am not going to order again from them.

But 1 thing I have to say is, I am highly impressed with the options of products available on the site. There is something for everyone.

Have you tried the site? How was your experience? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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31 thoughts on “Aliexpress Haul and site Review”

    1. 🙂 True….that’s huge but as the products were of a fraction of cost as compared to the original products, so thought of trying it….

  1. Never tried purchasing from this website..and after seeing your review.. I think I should refrain from using this website…btw I have heard a lot about aliexpress, never knew it was this much bad.

  2. Pretty huge haul, I never order skin care or cosmetics from Aliexpress, it is my favorite site for shopping for small fun things for kitchen, decorations etc which are cheap at the same time look good but I always read the huge reviews people post for the items before placing order, sometimes they help too

  3. I hadn’t heard of this previously but am happy you shared so I know to avoid it! Don’t you hate it when you end up with a bunch of broken items? That’s the worst! It looks like you still had some fun with a few of the items in your haul!

  4. Wow, this is such a great review! I’ve heard of Aliexpress before, but have never purchased from them and I’m so glad I haven’t! I honestly don’t even understand how these sites are still operating with such poor business and quality. I’ve come across a number of Chinese and Korean fashion sites and I’m always skeptical of them because they tend to advertise their clothing using blogger photos that I know are not what’s being sold, very misleading. Thanks for the heads up and I’m at least glad that you liked a couple of the products you’ve ordered. Be careful with putting those on your skin, as they absorb into your bloodstream and you really just don’t know what toxins are in those products that make them so cheap. I hope you’re having a great week so far and thanks again for sharing!



  5. I think you did so well with this haul! I have been online window-shopping on AliExpress before and although I don’t mind that they are knock-offs of products, I’m always careful on the ingredients as my skin is quite sensitive!


    Anjelique | snapchat: anjeliquetv

  6. Hi…That is a massive haul dear.I had heard that Ali Express does not sell single products means you can only buy stuff in bulk quantities.It is sad to know that some of the products are not good at all.All the products look so good wish they would have been better quality wise too.Nice site review.

  7. I also hauled from them , they take forever to deliver products..I also ordered one anastasia lippie dupe, mine is of good quality though, depends on seller to seller..i would love to buy again as they are super cheap and using once in a while doesn’t hurt..i’m eyeing velvetine dupes and $1 lippies..
    loved your haul and site review..

  8. I ordered earrings and lip colours from AliExpress and I absolutely loved everything I got. I ordered one of the liquid-to-matte lip colours you have here and it’s one of the best lip colours I have ever used – super pigmented and stays put for hours! Another one is a really cool peel-off lip tint – bit messy to apply but makes for a great lipstain. Some of the products are fake, but since I use make-up very sparingly, I don’t mind. (Plus I’ve read even Dior lipsticks have carcinogenic compounds – so wth). AliExpress has some of the best accessories I have seen anywhere – and I was very happy when my packages arrived – although the long waiting period is a killer.

  9. I have always got tempted by its range of collections but somehow did not get enough courage to shop from them. Thank you for this wonderful review!

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