5 Everyday Essential Things That Every Bride Should Keep In Her Bag

Getting married is a dream come true for most, if not all, women anywhere around the world. But anyone who has gone through can testify that wedding preparations can be a tight feat. Being stressed is something that you cannot afford – especially looking worn out on your special day. Every bride should look pretty, perfect even, on her wedding day. After all, you only get married once – or once at a time at least.

So from the moment he asks you to marry him up to the special moment that you walk down the aisle, everything should be planned out and flawlessly executed to make your day memorable and perfect. That is why you have wedding planners. But as the bride, you still need to be ready at any given moment. As there are many things that you need to prepare and think of, here are 5 of the most essential things that should be in your bag during your wedding preparations and during your wedding –

5 Everyday Essential Things That Every Bride Should Keep In Her Bag

1. Accessories

Specifically the accessories that you plan to wear on your wedding day. This is easy to select once you have decided on the theme and the color of your wedding. When doing your wedding errands and when your bridesmaids try on their gowns, the accessories that would go with their dresses would come in handy for you to see if they match of they look good overall.

2. Toiletries

You’ll never know when you will have a call of nature and sometimes it comes at a very inconvenient moment. So it is just right for you to also be ready with your toiletries at any given moment. Also, you should have your facial wash in your bag all the time and wash your face often. This should help keep our face looking fresh and radiant on your wedding day.

3. Lingerie

Preparing for your honeymoon is another one of the most exciting things you will go through when getting married. It is perfectly natural that you want to look sexy and ravishing for your husband on your first night as husband and wife. To get that daring and bold look, underneath your elegant gown should be a set of lingerie that is just as equally elegant. Your body is your gift to your husband, so wrap it with a perfect set of lingerie.

You can go online lingerie shopping to get the best erotic lingerie that is right for your body. Wearing the perfect lingerie on your wedding night is going to be a big factor in making your honeymoon memorable.

4. Slippers

Wearing high heels can easily tire you out especially if you are not used to wearing them a lot. Wedding gowns always go with high heeled shoes and so you are expected to wear high heels during the entire ceremony and reception. Or you may bring a set of slippers in your bag and change into them during reception so your feet can relax. Again, you would not want to look worn out on your wedding day.

5. Medicine

Anyone can get a headache at any time – a wedding is no exception. What’s worse if you are the one who’s getting a headache. Having a first aid kit ready in your bag can prevent any delay in the preparations and ceremony just because of an illness. So you should have a set of first aid medicine in your bag ready at all times.


Being prepared and ready for anything is important on your wedding day and while doing your wedding preparations. It does not only give you a hassle-free and flawless ceremony, it also saves you a lot of time and brings your faster to your most anticipated moment – the honeymoon.

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