3Ina Nail Polish 169

3INA Nail Polish 169, Review

A couple of months back I bought a few products from the brand 3INA (pronounced as Mina). Out of the 4 products, 2 were nail polishes and the other two were their cream shadows. I have already reviewed 3INA Nail Polish 185 and 3INA Cream Eyeshadow 316. Today’s post would be about 3Ina Nail Polish 169, the second shade of nail polish I have from the brand.

3Ina Nail Polish 169

The polish is available at INR 400 for 11 ml of product. Can be easily bought through Myntra or Nykaa.

List of Ingredients:
Product Description:

Smooth, glossy color. Expect brilliant shine and a sumptuous plumping effect. The hard-wear formula prevents chipping. For a professional look start with The Smooth Base, then start painting from the base of the cuticle downwards towards the tip. Finish with The Gel-Look Top Coat.

How to Use:

First, apply a base coat to protect the nail and allow to dry. Next apply two coats of nail polish, leaving the nails to dry between each coat. Finally, you can apply Gel-Look Top Coat for a professional looking finish.

3Ina Nail Polish 169

Like most of the other nail polishes available in the market, these polishes are also square shaped glass bottles with a black screw on cap. The brush is decently sized and it covers the entire nail in 2 swipe. As its a glass bottle it isn’t so travel-friendly, but it wrapped properly, it does not leak. The outer box of the nail polish is a white colored cardboard box with a colored 1/4th section on the top of the box. The colored section on the outer box represents the actual color of the nail polish in the box.

My Experience with 3Ina Nail Polish 169:

The shade 169 is a cool toned light blue nail polish. It might not be everyone’s color of choice but it looks absolutely beautiful on the nails. It is especially a good color for the summer season. The formula of the polish is slightly thicker than the other shade I have. The color does apply well on the first coat, but the color is slightly streaky and a second coat is a must to make the color look even and completely opaque.

3Ina Nail Polish 169

Now, as the formula of the polish is on the thicker side, the two coats require a good amount of time in order to dry completely. Once fully dry, the nail polish is budge-proof for a full week. It does not fade or chip though it might loose its shine in the course of the week.

3Ina Nail Polish 169
Overall Experience:

Overall, I have a mixed feeling for the shade 169. I love the color and the fact that it stays for a long time without chipping or fading, but I am not too happy with the amount of time it takes to get fully dry. If you are looking for a pretty blue, you might like to try this color, though it is not a must-have.

Pros of 3Ina Nail Polish 169:
  • Once completely dry, the color does stay for a good one week without chipping or fading
  • Can be bought online from Myntra or Nykaa, or from their physical stores
  • These polishes are Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, and Vegan
  • Decent price range
  • Available in a number of color options
  • The outer box of the polish has a colored section which represents the actual color of the nail polish
  • Good sized brush. Covers the full width of the nail in 2 swipes.
3Ina Nail Polish 169
Cons of 3Ina Nail Polish 169:
  • No names are mentioned on these polish, though they have numbers but, it sometimes gets difficult to memorize numbers as compared to names.
  • The polish requires at least 2 coats to give a fully opaque, non-streaky color and these 2 coats takes a lot of time to completely dry.

Rating: 3.5/5

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