20 Must Haves for rainy Season

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Today I will be talking about few items that are a must have in this rainy season. The weather is going unpredictable and it’s raining in Delhi since few days. Infact this year’s July has been declared as the coldest July in the past 12 years. It is raining, but does this stop us from working? I personally feel like sitting at home and enjoying the amazing weather with my family, but work comes first and we have to work in every condition. As you can’t change the weather, you have to be prepared for it.  So, what are the things that are required to prepare for this weather?

Let’s get started:

  1. Umbrella

This is the most important thing everyone should carry with them in their bags, in rainy season it rains all the time and sometimes it rains even if it is not predicted. Earlier the umbrella used to come in boring colors, but now days there is a huge selection of both colors and designs. So, don’t hesitate in investing in a good piece of Umbrella.


  1. Raincoat

Though an umbrella can be sufficient, but sometimes, the wind is too hard and it becomes really difficult to carry that umbrella. Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to carry a full size umbrella in bags. A good alternative to umbrellas are raincoats. Many people consider that raincoats look good only on kids, but that not true. If selected properly, they can make a fashion statement too. Raincoats also come in handy for people who can’t carry them while driving bikes or scooties.


  1. Rain jackets/Waterproof outerwear

If you are not very comfortable in wearing full sized raincoats, then rain jackets are a good option for you. They cover just the upper section of your body and saves it from getting wet.

rain jacket

  1. Waterproof handbags and wallets

Another important thing is to carry are waterproof handbags and wallets. When it rains heavily, it becomes difficult to manage the documents and currency inside a non waterproof bag/wallet. A waterproof bag saves things inside them from getting wet and damage due to water. These bags come in a huge variety of colors which can be matched with any outfit to make a fashion statement.

waterproof handbags

  1. Light Sweaters/ Shrugs

The weather changes and gets colder when it rains, so it is always advisable to carry a light weight sweater in the bag to keep you warm.

light sweater

  1. Leather Jacket

If you are not a sweater person and prefer wearing jackets, and leather jacket is a good option for you. It not only saves you from rain, but also keeps you warm.

leather jacket

  1. Dark colored jeans

Dark colored clothes are preferred during rainy season as lighter colors tend to get dirty easily as compared to dark colors.

dark colored jeans

  1. Capri

What if water is clogged everywhere (as it is happening in most of the parts in Delhi) and you have to ride a bike through the water. How hard to try, there is a strong possibility that you will ruin your bottom wear. To avoid this situation, capris are the best option. They do not cover your entire leg, and thus does not get dirty easily.


  1. Non cotton socks

We never think much about the kind of socks we wear, but in rainy season it is advised to wear non cotton socks, as cotton socks tend to absorb more water which may not be very comfortable while walking.

non cotton socks

  1. Rain Boots

Rain boots are the best option to save your feet from getting dirty; they are waterproof and save your legs from getting wet. These come in a wide variety of options to choose from.

rain boots

  1. Rain friendly sandals

If you are not comfortable in wearing boots, as they cannot be clubbed with Indian outfits, then Rain friendly sandals are the option for you. They look stylish and there is a very rare chance that they will break due to the water (as it might happen with normal sandals). These sandals are easy to clean too.

rain friendly sandal

  1. Waterproof flip flops

If you want to look even more casual then you can even go for waterproof flip flops, they not only looks stylish, but also protects you from slipping due to wet areas.

flip flops

  1. Neutral toned Undergarments

When we think of getting ready for a rainy day, we never think about the color of the undergarment we are wearing, but choosing a neutral toned undergarment is very important. After all, after getting all wet, we do not want our undergarments to pop and the strangers to see the color of undergarment we are wearing.

neutral tones undergarments

  1. Waterproof makeup

This is another very important thing that must be considered while getting ready for a rainy day. We do not want out liners or mascara to bleed in the rain nor do we want our foundation to become patchy. To avoid any such situation invest in good quality waterproof makeup.

waterproof makeup

  1. Setting Spray

It is not always possible to buy new makeup just for few days, then what else can be done? To save the makeup from getting disturbed due to rain without investing a ton of money in new makeup, a setting spray is advised. Never forget to spray some setting spray before you go out of the door during rainy season.

makeup setting spray

  1. Hair Protector

Yes it is very important to protect our hair from rain water. Rain water tends to make the hair frizzy and makes them prone to breakage. To protect the hair from such harsh weather, a hair protector or an anti frizz spray is advisable.

Bottles of anti-frizz sprays

  1. Moisturiser

The rainwater sucks away all the moisture from our skin, which makes it dry. Thus you must always have a small tube of moisturiser in your bag.


  1. A pack of tissues

These come handy when you have to wipe off water from your face or have to clean an important file which has become wet due to rain. A pack of tissues is never a bad idea to carry with you.

pack of tissues

  1. Alcohol or hand sanitizer

Rain comes with a lot of bacteria and dirt, so it is important to remain clean and sanitized always.

hand sanitizer

  1. Mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes grow in number as it rains, thus to protect yourself from mosquitoes, you must carry a mosquito repellent with you. This is especially essential for kids as they tend to get infected by mosquito bites easily.

Mosquito repellent




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  1. It was raining yesterday and I had an umbrella with me, but as I was wearing a coat with hood, I decided to just wear the hood! I think I would like the waterproof makeup and I was also wearing black jeans, so many things you suggested I was following 🙂 I loved your post, because people tend to see rain as negative, but it is so necessary to earth! And as you showed, we can also be stylish!

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