Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

11 Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

It has been almost 2 years since the day I was searching for makeup products for my bridal Makeup Kit. I found tones of options online with a numerous number of products and various color options to choose from. Although having options is good, but a large number of options might sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie to makeup. I exactly knew what all I wanted in my Bridal makeup kit and hence I was glad to have options.In this post, I’ll be talking about 11 Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials which must be the part of every girl’s Makeup Kit.

1. Face and Eye Primer

The first thing you apply to your face after a moisturizer is a primer. A primer gives your makeup a smooth and even finish. It also helps the makeup to stay put for a longer duration.

Just like a face primer, an eye primer is equally important. You might spend hours in doing your eye makeup and still end up with a creased eye if you don’t have your primer. Primer not only helps to lock your makeup in place it also helps in making the eye colors pop.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

2. Foundation

A good foundation/base is the most important part of a good makeup. A wrong shade or a wrong finish can ruin the makeup drastically. This is one of the products which should never be compromised as far as the quality is concerned. If you are looking for everyday use, you can opt for a BB or CC cream, but if you are looking for something which can give a better coverage and can stay all day, then a proper foundation (preferably medium to high coverage) must be selected.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

3. Concealer

Concealers may become your best friend in case of acne, blemishes or even the deadliest dark circles. There is nothing a good concealer can’t hide. Select from different formulas and coverages to suit your requirement.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

4. Setting Powder

Once, the face is done, everything needs to be locked in place with a setting powder. It might not be required by everyone, but it is recommended especially during summers. You might or might not need a setting powder on your entire face, but the concealed under eyes and the oily T-zone definitely requires some setting.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

5. Blush and Bronzer

A nice flush of color on the cheeks is loved by all, and if you are a new bride, then you must be at your blushing best.

A blush and bronzer are also required to give some color to the face, as the whole face gets painted in a single color after the foundation, and a girl certainly needs some color!

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

6. Highlighter

This is again something which is not regularly used by everyone. But the highlighter trend has been increasing since past few years and almost all the companies are coming up with new highlighters. A highlighter is a multipurpose product which can be used on the cheekbones for a beautiful glow or as I use it, can be used it on the brow bone or even as a full eyelid color.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

7. Eyeshadow palette

Not everyone is an eyeshadow person, but an eyeshadow palette must definitely be a part of every girl’s makeup kit. If you are a makeup beginner, then a smaller eyeshadow palette with neutral colors might be enough for you. But, if you love to experiment with colors and finishes, then there are endless options available in the market.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

8. Kohl/Kajal

Don’t have time for applying eyeshadow, just apply some kohl and you have a put together eye look. A kohl does not need an introduction to Indian ladies. It is and will always be a must-have.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

9. Mascara

Mascara is a must-must have. Nothing can give your eyes the look which a mascara can. Wedding preparations and functions can make you look tired. A mascara is a product that requires minimum effort but has the power to instantly make your eyes and makeup look way better.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

10. Brow Pencil

Perfectly arched brows can never let you fail. You may or may not have the perfect brows, but you can always fake them. Just select the color with care and never try to go for a dark black, until you have a very dark hair color.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

11. Lipstick

I personally am a fan of liquid lipsticks as they stay for a long time, sometimes even for the whole day. So, if I am asked, I would suggest having at least 1-2 liquid lipsticks in the makeup kit. But if you are not comfortable wearing liquid lipsticks, there are a bunch of options available in the market with a varying price ranges. If you are selecting just 2-3 lipsticks, then a red, a pink and a nude, these are the shades that would go with any attire or makeup look you would be wearing.

Bridal Makeup Kit Essentials

Apart from these makeup products some products which are important for a flawless makeup finish are: Makeup Brushes or Sponges and Blotting Papers.

In India, many ladies like to apply their base makeup with their fingers, but for those who do not like to use their hands, makeup sponges are a good option. There are a huge variety of makeup sponges available in the market, at all the different price ranges, shapes, and designs which can be selected depending on personal choice and requirement.

Also, having a good makeup product is not all you need, if you don’t have the right kind of brushes, even the best of makeup products can look substandard. Makeup Brushes are usually priced a bit higher, but they are completely worth the price. Never try to cut your budget in makeup brushes as low-quality brushes can severely irritate your skin and they are of no help while applying your makeup.

Blotting paper is another must have, especially if you have a summer wedding. Makeup starts to melt and collect in certain areas of our face which look not so appealing in the photographs. Blotting papers are a lifesaver in such situations.

Collect everything you need and get ready to rock your wedding and post-wedding functions with confidence!



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