10 Simple Nail Art Designs

Hey Girls !!!

As I mentioned in my previous nail posts, I have long nails which makes me love my nails and motivates me to try different designs on my nails.

Today in this post I am compiling 10 simple nail art designs that I would love to try on my nails. Here are the 10 designs:

1. A simple french manicure with colored design


2. How about a cute Panda on your Nails


3. Simple ombre nails


4. 3 colored stripes are much easier to make than they look 


5. Fancy nail art 


6. Want to have some cherries ?


7. Colored Leopard


8. Will you dare to have yellow on your nails


9. Soothing colors with edgy designs


10. My most loved design out of all


I liked all of the designs and so I am a little confused about which one to try first 🙂

So girls, which design would you like to see first in a step by step tutorial…

Thanks for commenting…


Disclaimer: All the designs are taken from the internet and none of them are my own.




16 thoughts on “10 Simple Nail Art Designs”

    1. they are the easy ones dear…you could definitely do these…..all the best…i would love to see your work 🙂

  1. I suck at nail art! The first design looks fabulous and the ombre nails looks good too. Why don’t you give a tutorial for all the designs, it will be good because as i said earlier i suck big time!

    1. hey thats a good idea ….i can try all of these….it will be a good practise for me too 🙂 Thanks for suggesting 🙂

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