Water marble nail art: Second attempt NOTD

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Few months back, I shared with you my first attempt of performing a water marble nail art. Though I was not completely satisfied with the result I got, I shared it as it was my first attempt. There are very few polishes in India that work well for water nail art, last time I tried Inglot polishes and this time I went for LYN polishes. Though this time too, the result was not perfect especially on the last two nails which I painted first, but the rest 3 nails came out to be perfectly the way I wanted.

Polishes Used:

  • LYN Nail Polish Orchid Be With U 4Ever
  • LYN Nail Polish Keen On This Green
  • LYN Nail Polish Black Current Bombshell

Hope you will like the result too πŸ™‚

Water marble nail art: NOTD

Water marble nail art: NOTD

Water marble nail art: NOTD


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Water Marble Nail Art: NOTD

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