Colourpop Lippie Stix Gold Digger review

Colourpop Lippie Stix Gold Digger

Colourpop is a well-known brand in the beauty industry. It is famous for its good quality and affordable prices. Unfortunately, it is not easily available in India, though it can be ordered from their official website and from some Instagram stores. I personally like to order my colourpop products from their official website. This way I am at least sure

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Lipstick Haul, Monthly Makeup Haul June 2019

Lipstick Haul

In the beginning of the year, I though that I’ll be doing a monthly makeup haul on my blog and would then be reviewing each product of my haul in the upcoming month. I am both disappointed and happy that I was not able to do so until now. Disappointed because I was not able to do what I wanted

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St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub

ST. IVES Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub

Last month I reviewed ‘Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub’ and in my review, I mentioned that I like when I can actually feel the scrub particles on my face. Today, I will be sharing my experience with ‘ST. IVES Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub’, a product that I am using and loving since last couple of months. Lately

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3ina Cream Eyeshadow 316, Review

3INA Cream Eyeshadow 316

New makeup brands with their loads of new products always fascinate me. It has not been too long since the brand 3ina, pronounced as Mina came in the Indian market. I do have a physical store of 3ina near me but I have never actually visited the store. Recently I bought 4 products from the brand (including 2 nail polishes

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NEWLY LAUNCHED: Sugar Smudge Me Not Lip Duo

Sugar Smudge Me Not Lip Duo

Sugar cosmetics is bombarding the market with their new launches almost every month. I have already written about their Lip Primer and Click me up velvet lipstick and even after these products the brand has launched multiple new products. One of their latest new launches is their Smudge Me Not Lip Duo. Price: The Smudge Me Not Lip Duo comes

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Newchic New Collection: Some of my Favourites!

Newchic New Collection

Almost 2 years back I wrote an article about my Wishlist, in which I mentioned all the products I wanted to buy from the website. I honestly didn’t buy everything from my wishlist but I did end up buying a couple of t-shirts for my man, and a couple of funky looking makeup products for myself too. The t-shirts

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Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub

Himalaya Orange Face Scrub

Its summer time and my skin get tanned very easily this time of the year. I do like to use both body scrub as well as face scrub on a regular basis just to avoid getting too much tanned. Today I will be reviewing one such Tan Removal Face scrub from my collection. Today’s post would be about Himalaya Orange

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