Nykaa So Matte Lipstick Cranberry Sangria, REVIEW

Nykaa So Matte Cranberry Sangria

Today I will be sharing my experience with Nykaa So Matte Cranberry Sangria. This is one of the 5 polishes which I shared in my June Makeup Haul. I have already reviewed the shades Trusty Rusty and Notorious Red on the blog. I have also tried the other shades I have and my experience and views differ from shade to

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Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack, Review

Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack

Activated charcoal is supposed to be beneficial due to its toxin-absorbing properties. Because of this it has been a part of many cosmetic products especially face masks or face packs. Activated charcoal is also widely used in some medicines and even in some toothpaste. Today I will be reviewing a face pack which uses Bamboo Charcoal along with many other

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LA Girl Neon Eyeliner, Swatches, Full Collection

Neon colors are an easy way to add a fun pop of color to any simple outfit or makeup look. I personally am all about fun colors be it in my outfits or in my makeup looks. I am not a black eyeliner or kajal kind of a person but prefer a bright eyeliner. This makes me try every bright

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Maybelline Foundation Brush, Review

Maybelline Foundation Brush

Today’s review would be about Maybelline Foundation Brush. I wasn’t actually aware of the fact that Maybelline has brushes until I saw this one while randomly surfing Nykaa. I usually do not write much about makeup tools or brushes on my blog because this is one department I do not experiment much with. I especially do not buy brushes for

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What Men Prefer Between Makeup and Natural Looks While Dating

Men like natural look

Women spend hours doing their makeup on a daily basis. It is even more detailed when they are going out on a date. But do men like it this way? It is true that makeup enhances beauty? For instance, the foundation hides scars and acne on the face when applied well. Mascara and eyeliner can hide your emotions and the

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NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint Lidli, Review

NYX Lid Lingerie Lidli

A few days back, I wrote about and shared the swatches of 4 shades of Wet n Wild cream eyeshadows. When I bought those eyeshadows, I also bought the one from NYX cosmetics. NYX calls them Lid Lingerie Eye Tints and they are available in several shades. Unfortunately in India there are not many options to choose from, but but

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3INA Nail Polish 169, Review

3Ina Nail Polish 169

A couple of months back I bought a few products from the brand 3INA (pronounced as Mina). Out of the 4 products, 2 were nail polishes and the other two were their cream shadows. I have already reviewed 3INA Nail Polish 185 and 3INA Cream Eyeshadow 316. Today’s post would be about 3Ina Nail Polish 169, the second shade of

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