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I love shopping online and when it comes to buying artificial jewelry I never settle for a single website. I got married last year and those were the days when I had complete freedom to shop for anything I want. I bought many Indian clothes for my wedding and I had to buy Indian jewelry to match them. I am not a gold jewelry person and love to wear long artificial earrings. While searching for the pieces I wanted I came to know about many websites like Voylla, Jivaana, Craftsvilla, Mirraw and many more. But the one that got my most loved was No this is not a sponsored post, I love the site and so I really wanted to write about them.

About the site:

Enumu is not very old, at least I didn’t know about them a year ago. I can also say this as they don’t have a humongous collection. They are nothing like Myntra, Flipkart or Amazon. Not much is mentioned about them on their official website. deals with Jewellery, Handbags and Kids clothing. My main focus has always been their jewelry. They constantly upgrade their collection and add new products.

My views about

When I first came to know about the site, I wasn’t sure about the products. They did seem nice but they were kind of pricey in my opinion. After waiting and holding myself for a while I finally made my first order with them. I ordered 2 earrings which seemed to be extremely adorable. I wasn’t expecting what I received a few days later. The quality and shine of the crystals in the earrings were outstanding. I do not have enough words to describe how beautiful the crystals look in person. I also love the way the products are packed. Everything I ordered in my first as well as 2 other consecutive orders, was nicely packed in small boxes with matching ribbons. The boxes themselves are cardboard but they are presented and packed so well that the products are safe and can be gifted without further packing.

Here are the few products that I bought from


Price: INR 1400 (BUY HERE)

This is the only product that is currently available on the site, rest all are sold out. Website review and jewellery haul

Apart from all these earrings I also ordered a set for my mother which she wore in one of my wedding functions. It completely matches with the pearl earrings that I showed above.

I love the site and their collection. Now, whenever I need jewelry my first stop is always They have things which are not easily available in the market. They currently have many pieces which I am drooling over and I already have a big wish list to order.

Have you had a chance to check out their collection?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post


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