Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink Review

Hello everyone!, I am a hard-core matte loving person but sometimes I also do some impulse buy! I have bought very few lip glosses till date and most of them failed for me. So I wanted to give Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink a try and let’s see if it is nailed or failed!

Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink

Product Description:

A gorgeous high shine lip gloss that wears a feather and envelopes your lips with rich, intense color in just one-stroke. Packed with luxe shimmer, this soft highly pigmented gloss adheres perfectly and glides on flawlessly, to make your lips shine like diamonds. Enriched with Vitamin E and comforting oils it fits the lip care needs of every woman perfectly.

Price: 675 INR for 3.8 ml (BUY HERE)

Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink


Colorbar diamond shine lipgloss comes in a cylindrical long glass tube and the glossy metallic silver cap makes it even more stylish! The transparent body of the tube helps to direct the shade easily. The tube further comes in a typical glossy silver paper box like most of the Colorbar products come with. No doubt the packaging is travel-friendly and sturdy.

My experience with Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink:

The shade Pixie Pink is very sheer in pigmentation. When I swatch it on hands, it shows the color well as the layer is thick there but on lips, you definitely need a thin coat of any lip product! Otherwise, it would end up looking weird! Pixie Pink is a very light shade of pink with silver shimmer. It may flatter very fair skin tone without any lip color beneath the gloss but this is not suitable for medium to brown Indian skin tone if you want to use this as a lip color! You can always use this on top of a lipstick to get glossy shine, otherwise, it will not hide lip pigmentation. But personally, I don’t love silver shimmers at all!

Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink

Coming to the texture, it is quite thick and I don’t know why I feel slightly uncomfortable wearing this probably for the heavy texture. Also, the shimmers tend to travel here and there so that’ a headache we can’t neglect! It stays on my lips for around 1.5 to 2 hours and after a meal it gets patchy.

Rating: 3/5


Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss Pixie Pink

Final Verdict:

This is definitely not a must-have product! I personally don’t love layering products on lips but if you love adding shimmery shine to your lips you can try it once. Also, this particular shade is very sheer and doesn’t suit medium to brown Indian skin tone if a lip pencil or lipstick is not used beneath this!

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