Trip to Australia with SOTC: Part 4 (Sydney)

Trip to Sydney

A Trip to Sydney! It’s been a while since I started writing about my Australia travel experience with SOTC. Today I’ll be sharing the last part of my Australia travel series. We (me and my husband) went to 4 places in Australia┬áMelbourne, Brisbane,┬áCairns, and Sydney. Sydney was the last destination of our 10-day tour and we had a 3-night stay

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Trip to Australia with SOTC: Part 3 (Cairns)

Trip to Cairns

Trip to Cairns! As rest of the tour, this time too, we had an early morning flight. We woke up at 3 am in the morning and went straight to the Brisbane airport with packed breakfasts. We reached Cairns at around 10 in the morning, but as the hotels were available at 2 pm, we were taken to Kuranda Sky

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Trip to Australia with SOTC: Part 2 (Brisbane, Gold Coast)

Trip to Brisbane

Trip to Brisbane! We had an early morning flight from Melbourne to Brisbane. Our Bus took us to the Airport. Here we were supposed to do self-check-in, that means no standing in the line and waiting for officials to help you in check in. I have observed that in most of the parts of Australia the facility of self-check-ins is

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Trip to Australia with SOTC: Part 1 (Melbourne)

Trip to Australia with SOTC

Last month I went to Australia with my husband. Tough I wished to travel on our own but as it was our first time to Australia, we booked a tour with SOTC India. There are many websites which organise such tours, but my parents trust SOTC the most, so SOTC was our only preference. Price: A trip to Australia can

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