Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands For Women

Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands

Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands For Women It’s wedding season and if you have a wedding to attend then may be the only thing you are thinking about is what to wear for the wedding. But for the gentleman who is getting married, the most important task is to select a perfect wedding ring for her would be wife. The couple

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48 Red Lipsticks: Lip Swatches

Red Lipsticks

48 Red Lipsticks Hello ladies! My last post was about 50 affordable lipsticksĀ 50 affordable lipsticks in which I listed 50 lipsticks which were priced at less than 500 Rs. Today I will be sharing with you all, swatches of 48 Red Lipsticks available in the market. Everyone loves a red lip, but do you know that there are a huge

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Get ready for Homecoming, Homecoming Dresses by Angrila

Homecoming Dresses

A special occasion requires a special dress and if you live in the United States of America, you are already well aware of the importance of homecoming. But, if you are any other country then you might now know how important homecoming is. So what is homecoming? It is basically a tradition of welcoming back former students of an organization

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50 Lipsticks under Rs 500: Affordable lipsticks

It has been a long time since I wanted to write this post. We all love lipsticks but sometimes buying branded lipsticks is really pricey. In this post, I’ll be listing a set of Affordable lipsticks, 50 lipsticks under Rs 500. All the 50 lipsticks that would be mentioned in the post are easily availableĀ online in India. The list would

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How to Keep Your Beauty Blog and Its Users Secure

Starting a blog is a really wonderful way of indulging your passions, whatever they might be, and of connecting with others who share similar interests. There are numerous tools, platforms, and hosting services out there today which cater to bloggers. Among these, WordPress stands out as offering a fantastic balance between functionality and usability, but it is far from the

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5 Foundations under Rs 150!

5 Foundations under Rs 150! A little over 6 months ago, I did a post on ‘5 Lipsticks under Rs 100!‘ which seems to be loved by many. The topic of today’s post would be ‘5 Foundations under Rs 150’. By foundation, I only mean liquid foundations and not powder or cream foundations. I really wanted to find foundations under

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What Jewellery To Gift For A Coming Of Age Celebration

Marking a rite of passage is certainly a timeless tradition for both boys and girls. And, with tradition comes the giving of gifts. So, what do you give someone during a rite of passage celebration? Jewellry for a Sweet 16 A sweet 16 party is a common coming of age celebration, particularly for girls. The phase represents a tender turning

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